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anon, it excites me that i have had such an impact on your life, and intimate you enough to send me hate. 
If i’m such a “bitch”, why are you caring so much about my life? Honestly i’m ecstatic that you’re so infatuated by me. 
I’m perfectly comfortable with everything that i am. It’s saddening that you have to send hate to try and make me question my own self worth. 
please try and enjoy your own life, instead of sending negative vibes to others. 


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Stop taking pride in your ability to destroy yourself. Michelle K., What Keeps Me Up At Night #41 (via delusion-als)

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i’m looking for sunshine
with rays that will cure me of
the pain that keeps my lungs tight

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Spencer Finch
This work is based on the year 1862, Emily Dickinson’s annus mirabilis, when she wrote an amazing 366 poems in 365 days. It is a real-time memorial to that year, which burns for exactly one year. The sculpture is comprised of 366 individual candles arranged in linear sequence, each of which burns for 24 hours. The color of each candle matches a color mentioned in the corresponding poem; poems in which no color is mentioned are made out of natural paraffin.
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Never allow loneliness to drive you into the arms of someone you know you don’t belong with. (via disimba)

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